Everything you need to know about Transactional analysis

Everything you need to know about Transactional analysis

Transactional analysis is developed by Eric Berne during the 1950s that is a psychoanalytic theory and popularly known to be the therapy. Transactions are nothing but communication between people. Transaction analysis is developed to analyze the process of transactions when two people communicate. During the interaction with others, this method requires us to know how we feel, behave and think.

Transaktionsanalyse recognized that human personality is made of three ego states that include The Parent, Adult, and Child ego states. The Parent ego states mean you would replicate the thoughts and behaviors that are copied from the parents. The Adult state means that makes us react based on the information, but it makes us stay calm and confident. Whereas the Child state means based on the past feelings and emotions that we had in childhood.


When you are communicating with people, there are various times that you could hurt others but unintentionally. But if you consider why this happens, then it is because of the disturbances that you get during the communication. This is because of the above-mentioned ego states.

The main aim of this analysis theory is to develop better communication with others. Because when you learn transactional analysis you will be able to easily control yourself would help to save relationships and you can also communicate well in the workplace. So, if you are looking to improve your communication, then it would be the best tool for you.

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