Know the Leading Causes of Garbage Disposal Leakage

Know the Leading Causes of Garbage Disposal Leakage

Many household owners have a garbage disposal in their kitchen. This simple piece of machinery makes life easier and more convenient because you can easily throw your garbage inside these bad boys, and they take care of your trash for you. However, garbage disposals are not invincible. There will a come in its life where it’ll have problems, such as garbage disposal leaking. That’s because there are several places within its system that can cause a leak at any time. So if you want to find out what are the common causes of leakage within the machine, read on to find out.

The Sink Flange

Your garbage disposal is connected to your sink via a simple connection called a sink flange, and this is where most leaks come from. Sometimes, it may cause leakage because the mounting bolts are not securely held in place. Apart from that, the plumber’s putty may have failed, which you’ll need to replace. So loosen the retaining bolts to widen the gap, and put the putty between the flange and the pipe. Make sure to tighten the bolt back into place once done.

The Dishwasher Connection

Another reason for a leak with your garbage disposal is the drain pipe that’s connected to the dishwasher. It’s the pipe, where leftover food is removed from the plates and pans while running through the washing cycle. Sometimes, a leak forms where the hose is connected to the dishwasher. Other times, the leak will come from the clamp if the hose isn’t secure enough. So you might want to check if it needs replacement due to cracks. Or you can tighten it down again to ensure a more stable connection.

The Discharge Pipe

At the bottom of the sink, you’ll find the discharge pipe. This is the pipe that connects to the drain of the sink. It’s also connected to the flange and the seal. These components will fail over time. So you have to check if it’s loose due to wear and tear. So to make sure, tighten the flange and test the garbage disposal. If it’s still leaking, then the seal might be the problem and you’ll have to replace it.

A Cracked Interior

If your garbage disposal is a few years old, there might be some cracks alongside its interiors. You can’t avoid this, especially if it’s old. If the shells of the machinery begin to crack and water comes out of the seams, you have no option but to replace the whole garbage disposal with a new one.

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