The First Pet-Friendly Serviced Apartment In Singapore

The First Pet-Friendly Serviced Apartment In Singapore

Are you worried about your pet because you have a wedding to attend, yet you have no one to leave for your pet? It is the most common problem of pet owners, especially with the absence of pet sitters around. They have no choice but to look for an apartment or lodging house that accepts pets, or unluckily, they can’t go to the event because no pets are allowed.

The welcoming singapore serviced apartment accepts renters and guests with their pets. The serviced apartment is the first pet-friendly hotel that makes the lives of pet owners at ease.

What services do they offer?

The spacious apartment can accommodate four family members, which means everyone can freely walk around without disturbing themselves, including the pets. Plus, the complete areas of the room feel like home.

Housekeeping and maintenance services are some of the best services the serviced apartment offers. Guests don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of the room because the housekeepers are always up-to-date. They will change the bedsheets, blankets, and pillowcases twice a week. But, if you are a guest who wants privacy, you can call for the housekeeping service at any time you want to do the housekeeping work.

Laundry service is also available in the serviced apartment, the launderers are just one call away. You can drop a call and ask for their service, and they will arrive at your apartment doors to get your laundry. But, if you wish to do the laundry by yourself, there is a laundry machine in the apartment available to use.


If you are very meticulous about your diet and want to prepare food for yourself alone, you can do the cooking. The kitchenette in the apartment is free to use. Prepare the food for your meal, the kitchenette is suitable for your untimely cooking hours. It has the cooking appliances that you need.

Free Parking

Yes, if you have a car, the free parking is open anytime for you. The car park space is safe and private. You don’t need to worry about the safety of the vehicle because the service apartment prepares some space for all the guests’ vehicles to park. Plus, EV car charge is available. So, if you own an EV car, you will not run out of power.

Other amenities of the serviced apartment include a pool and gym, there are more to enjoy.

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