Top Yoga Poses to Check Out

Top Yoga Poses to Check Out

Are you in search of the fun way of getting more energy, reduce stress, and strengthen your body? You are at the right place. Nobody can ever go wrong when it comes to doing yoga. Yoga puts you in the moment, and where you will be able to observe your body, mind, and your movement to get better awareness about yourself. Perhaps the best thing is though you will not feel like you are working out, but you definitely are. Here are some of the best yoga poses you must consider doing.

Downward-Facing Dog

In this pose, first you have to start in the mountain pose, try to take your hands to the floor, and bend your knees. Then take your hands out around 3 – 4 feet on your toes. Gently pushing in your palms, try to lift up your hips toward sky and then press in your heels, go on the ground flat (keep bend in the knees, it helps your heels to get closer). Always gaze toward the legs and press your chest over your thighs and create a flat back.

Crescent lunge

It is an amazing post that works mainly on your front & back thighs. Along with legs toning, it tones down your butt as well as stretches your chest, shoulders, and abdomen areas. Try to hold this pose for one minute and continue doing.

best yoga poses

Bridge Pose

First you have to lie on the back, and keep your arms on sides, with your palms facing downwards. Bend the knees and keep it hip-width apart. Get on your heels close to the butt (you need to touch with the fingers).

When you exhale, gently press your heels in a floor and lift the lower back out of the floor. If you want bigger backbend, shimmy both your shoulders together & intertwine the fingers on your back. Hold down this pose for some breaths and then lower down your body. Repeat this post for 3 times.

Final Words

Though Yoga can give you proper muscle strength, it is not vigorous workout for somebody who wants to ‘bulk up’. Suppose you want to achieve muscle mass, then yoga isn’t a right exercise for you.

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